May 23 - June 10, 2018

by Mickey Fisher

In the near future, a woman with a terminal illness volunteers for an experimental procedure that would allow her memories, mannerisms and personality to live on in her “Replica”.  But what was created as a duplicate soon takes on a life of its own. This World Premiere sci-fi thriller is penned by Mickey Fisher, creator of the television series Extant and Mars and the upcoming series Reverie.



Janna Cardia
Julie Cardia
John Feltch

Seth Gordon

Sound Designer
Anthony Barilla

Properties Designer
Jodi Bobrovsky

Lighting Designer
Christina Giannelli

Costume Designer
Kristina Hanssen

Scenic Designer
Laura Fine Hawkes


Production Photos

Replica1 Replica2 Replica3
Replica4 Replica5 Replica6


"Replica is funny, intense, and disturbing all at of the best shows of the summer, and it can never be duplicated."  —

"Replica is about the best thing I have seen all year." —Houstonia Magazine

"Fisher’s script is gripping and suspenseful, with just the right amount of emotional, complex rumination on the things that make us who we are and the problematic act of man trying to engineer those things. There isn’t a theater equivalent to the Nebula Award, but if there were, as a 90-minute one act, Replica should win it." —Houston Press