Stages' 2021–22 Season

IT’S TIME TO BE TOGETHER AGAIN. And I must confess, I’m very excited!

After our time of isolation and uncertainty, the power of gathering in person, sharing our journeys, and seeking connections – THE POWER OF THEATRE - has never been more evident and necessary. 

And while I wish to start again where we left off, I am compelled to imagine something more. I imagine our chance to reclaim, recommit, reengage and rediscover the best of Stages. We are at a moment of powerful opportunity and, as was true hundreds of years ago, a dark time will lead to renaissance. 

Imagine a renaissance. 

Our 2021–22 Season marks our largest investment in new work, centers Houston artists and local talent, features SIX WORLD PREMIERE PRODUCTIONS, all with fan favorites and acclaimed work from the theatre canon. As a whole, the season is a celebration of Houston's indefatigable tenacity of the human spirit. And it is all ready to go! 

There is now only one piece necessary to finish this puzzle and spark the renaissance - you. By subscribing today, you become a critical piece of our unending story. The year ahead is going to be the brightest yet – and ALL are welcome to journey with us. 

I can’t wait to see you in the theatre -

Kenn McLaughlin,
Artistic Director